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A Typical Day at Day Camp

Dive into the Excitement of a Day in the Life of Our Campers

Amidst the scenic charm of Lake Travis and Lake LBJ, guided by skilled instructors and surrounded by the camaraderie of fellow water sports enthusiasts, each day is an opportunity for campers to improve their wakeboard and wakesurf skills while creating unforgettable memories on the water. Join us as we break down a typical day at Texas Wake Academy Day Camp.

Summer Camp Daily Schedule:

8:30 am - Camper drop off. Sun Screen. 


8:45 am - Daily lesson. Warm-up and Stretching. Water safety discussion. 


9:00 am - Morning activity on boats. Swim and snack breaks. 

12:00 pm - Lunch. Announcements. Sunscreen.

12:30 pm - Afternoon activity on boats. Swim and snack breaks.


3:30 pm - Camper pick up. 

Day Camp Marble Falls, TX

Daily Lesson:

Campers kickstart their day lakeside, with a morning stretch that awakens their bodies. This invigorating routine sets the stage for a stimulating journey ahead. Campers then engage their minds in our thoughtfully crafted daily lessons.

On Mondays, we start the week with introductions, name games, and a water safety lesson. As the week unfolds, we delve into new tricks, boating rules, water sports gear, and character traits leading to the coveted Camper of the Week Award.

Day Camp Lakeway, TX

Morning Session:

Campers board the boat and set out on the lake, taking turns to enhance their wakeboarding and wakesurfing skills. Our instructors adapt to each participant's skill level, adjusting methods, speeds, and boat wakes. All the while, fellow campers observe, cheering on their peers. The boat takes regular breaks for water and snacks between riders, ensuring everyone stays refreshed. Additionally, swim breaks offer a delightful cool-off.

No experience is necessary. All equipment provided. Campers may bring their own equipment.


The boat heads back to the marina for lunch, with provided meals. Given the hot summer days, it's a crucial moment to hydrate and reapply sunscreen. At lunchtime, morning campers leave, and afternoon campers join in.

Important reminder: if your child has food allergies contact camp staff before their session to discuss menu options or the possible need to pack a lunch.

Lake LBJ Summer Camp

Afternoon Session:

Campers reunite with the boat for another round of wakesurf or wakeboard lessons. Beyond the instruction, we sprinkle in occasional special activities like SUP surfing, tubing, or engaging in friendly games of whiffle ball, frisbee, or football at the sandbar. Once more, the boat takes periodic breaks for water, snacks, and swim sessions between riders, ensuring everyone remains refreshed.

Concluding the Typical Day at Day Camp

As our water sports day camp concludes another day brimming with laughter, learning, and camaraderie, campers step off the boat with newly acquired skills and cherished memories. Anticipating the excitement of another day on the horizon, we bid farewell to a day well spent with our water-loving community.

Fuel your child's summer with fun and skill at our summer camp! Don't miss out – secure their spot today!


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