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Covid-19 Policies


Texas Wake Academy (TWA) has made changes in its program to address concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus. Please carefully review the policies and procedures set forth below. Attendance constitutes your acceptance of these policies and procedures and agreement to comply with them.


  1. All participants will be self-screened if 18 or over, or by parents if under 18, for symptoms of illness BEFORE ATTENDING EACH DAY. Anyone displaying cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, feeling feverish or with a temperature of 100 degrees or more, or with known contact with a person who has COVID-19 should NOT attend. Please notify TWA personnel of any such symptoms or contact. Since some symptoms may go undetected, it is critical that all participants self-screen 10 days prior to participation. 

  2. MASK OPTIONAL by participant, parents, and staff during participant pick up or drop off and while inside a building. When participants are outside and practicing social distancing. While on the boats it will not always be possible to maintain six feet of distance between individuals. Participants are not required to wear a mask on boats with consideration to frequent air circulation and in regard to participant safety around water. 

  3. Texas Wake Academy will restrict contact by dividing participants into small groups and by restricting any touching between participants, although it will not always be possible to maintain six feet of distance between individuals. Parents, please discuss with your minor student the importance of keeping hands to themselves and respecting other people’s personal space. 

  4. Application of sunscreen is essential. PARTICIPANTS AND PARENTS, PLEASE APPLY SUNSCREEN DAILY BEFORE PARTICIPATION and provide your own sunscreen for re-application during camp or lessons. Staff may assist participants who need help re-applying sunscreen during camp.

  5. Sharing of food or drinks, eating someone else’s leftovers, or touching someone else’s food or drink will not be allowed.

  6. TWA will encourage participants to wash their hands according to CDC guidelines frequently and will disinfect equipment and surfaces often. 

  7. TWA reserves the right to exclude anyone or send participants home who appear to have symptoms of illness or refuse to follow instructions for the protection of others, including calling parents to pick up any child who displays symptoms of illness during camp. 


Please help us protect the health and safety of our participants and staff!
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